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Meta Tags: Dirección General de Cultura y Educación | Dirección General de Cultura y Educación world rank record is 48,665. About 24% of visits to this site are referred by search engines. This site has a bounce rate of approximately 21% 21% of visits consist of only one pageview, and visitors to the site spend about six minutes per visit to the site and 40 seconds per pageview. is relatively popular among users in the cities of Pergamino (where it is ranked 11, Puerto Madryn (#19, and Pigue (#20.


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Isp Name Telefonica de Argentina
Country Argentina
Country Code AR
City Diaz
Latitude -32.3724
Longitude -61.0876


Google Index 23,300
Worth 47544.9
Pageviews 20,895
Daily Revenue $65

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Google PageRank 6
Yahoo Backlink 2119
Yahoo Index 23,300



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