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Meta Tags: has a three-month global world traffic rank of 8,947. Compared with all internet users, the site users are disproportionately both uneducated and highly educated, and they tend to be women earning less than $30,000 who browse from home and have more children. About 38% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only. Roughly 6% of visits to are referred by search engines. The site visitors view an average of 3.5 unique pages per day.


Ip Address
Isp Name Infotechna Ltd
Country Hungary
Country Code HU
Latitude 47.4925
Longitude 19.0514


Google Index 285,000
Worth 261303.5
Pageviews 118,572
Daily Revenue $358

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Google PageRank 5
Yahoo Backlink 559681
Yahoo Index 285,000



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