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Meta Tags: Google is ranked 185 in the world according to the three-month world traffic rankings. Visitors to the site spend roughly 21 seconds on each pageview and a total of nine minutes on the site during each visit. The site has a bounce rate of approximately 22% 22% of visits consist of only one pageview, and the fraction of visits to the site referred by search engines is very small. visitors view 9.3 unique pages each day on average.


Ip Address
Isp Name Google Inc.
Country United States
Country Code US
City Mountain View
Latitude 37.4192
Longitude -122.0574


Google Index 235,000
Worth 11 Million
Pageviews 5,022,831
Daily Revenue $15,071

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Search Engines

Google PageRank 6
Yahoo Backlink 232592
Yahoo Index 235,000



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