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Meta Tags: Google is ranked 1,274 in the world according to the three-month world traffic rankings. The site is particularly highly ranked in the cities of Arbil (#2, Erbil (#2, and Mosul (#2. Compared with the overall internet population, the site audience tends to be Middle Eastern; they are also disproportionately higher-income men browsing from school and home who have no postgraduate education and have more children. Visitors to the site spend about twelve minutes per visit to the site and 23 seconds per pageview, and approximately 13% of visits to consist of only one pageview are bounces.


Ip Address
Isp Name Google Inc.
Country United States
Country Code US
City Mountain View
Latitude 37.4192
Longitude -122.0574


Google Index 56,900
Worth 1.83 Million
Pageviews 833,965
Daily Revenue $2,502

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Search Engines

Google PageRank 6
Yahoo Backlink 1917
Yahoo Index 56,900



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