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Meta Tags: ÖSYM T.C. Ölçme Seçme ve Yerleştirme Merkezi has a three-month global world traffic rank of 9,909. Visitors to the site view an average of 5.1 unique pages per day. The site content places it in the “Sınavlar” category of internet sites. Visitors to spend roughly four minutes per visit to the site and 28 seconds per pageview. We estimate that 93% of visitors to this site come from Turkey, where it has attained a traffic rank of 165.


Ip Address
Isp Name Turk Telekomunikasyon Anonim Sirketi
Country Turkey
Country Code TR
Latitude 41.0136
Longitude 28.9550


Google Index 10,300
Worth 338705.4
Pageviews 153,717
Daily Revenue $464

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Search Engines

Google PageRank 9
Yahoo Backlink 147456
Yahoo Index 10,300



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