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Meta Tags: Pärnu Postimees has a three-month global world traffic rank of 196,112, and visitors to the site view 2.2 unique pages each day on average. The site has attained a traffic rank of 156 among users in Estonia, where approximately 95% of its audience is located. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Pärnu (#7, and the time spent in a typical visit to is roughly four minutes, with two minutes spent on each pageview.



Title: Pärnu Postimees
Description: Uudised Pärnust ja selle lähi ümbrusest


Ip Address
Isp Name AS Eesti Telekom
Country Estonia
Country Code EE
Latitude 59.0000
Longitude 26.0000


Google Index 1,220,000
Worth 12636.3
Pageviews 4,888
Daily Revenue $17

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Google PageRank 6
Yahoo Index 1,220,000



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