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Recruit is all rounded recruitment services media consisting of Recruit magazine Recruit mobile apps and Recruit career expo. Recruit Magazine is the No.1 recruitment magazine in HK. is one of the leading job sites offering thousands of job openings and tips for job hunting and career development to jobseekers. Recruit是招聘增值求職平台,包括求職雜誌、網站、手機程式、社交媒體及招聘進修博覽等。Recruit雜誌更是連續五年全港最多人閱讀的招聘刊物。除雜誌之外,提供各行業職位空缺、面試貼士、職場、行業資訊。Recruit 雜誌逢星期二、五出版,於港鐵市區線出口人手派發、特選港鐵新界線站內、7 Eleven便利店、Pacific Coffee等地點免費派發,為求職者提供最新行業招聘及增值資訊。
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Recruit world rank record is 66,563. The site can be found in the “Employment” category of websites. About 29% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only. Visitors to the site spend about six minutes per visit to the site and 42 seconds per pageview. Recruit has been online for at least ten years.


Category: Top/World/Chinese_Traditional/區域/亞洲/香港/商業與經濟/就業
Title: Recruit
Description: 提供職位空缺搜尋器及有關就業、進修等專題報導。


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