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There are 419,559 sites with a better three-month global world traffic rank than It has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Kraków (#3,817, and visitors to this site spend approximately three minutes per visit to the site and 36 seconds per pageview. About 51% of visits to are bounces (one pageview only. Search engines refer roughly 49% of visits to the site.



Title: Służba Więzienna
Description: Podstawy prawne, organizacja i forum penitancjarne.


Ip Address
Isp Name Krakowskie e-Centrum Informatyczne JUMP
Country Poland
Country Code PL
Latitude 52.2333
Longitude 21.0167


Google Index 47,500
Worth 5993.3
Pageviews 2,737
Daily Revenue $8

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Google PageRank 5
Yahoo Index 47,500



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